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Heading towards safer sports

Having grown up in the Deep South –Tallahassee, Florida to be exact–I spent many weekends watching college football (Go ‘Noles!!). At the time it seemed everyone was enthralled with the action on the field, but few seemed overly concerned about the future health of the players. Many people cheered for yard gains and devastating blocks, but few seemed to think about the long-term effects those hits could have for the boys on the gridiron. Fortunately things are changing.

There is now growing awareness of the effects of repeated head trauma and concussions based on the experiences of professional football players and other athletes like Mohammed Ali. In response the NFL just passed new rules governing hits in the league, hoping to reduce the amount of head injuries sustained by its players. A good move for protecting the long term health of the athletes, and one that’s likely to be replicated by college and high school sports programs as well. It’s a step in the right direction, but based on my experiences there’s still a great deal of information that patients, parents and coaches still need to learn about concussions.

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