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Health headlines: Psychotherapy, lung infections and tanning beds

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Are kids’ films getting better or worse about safety? New studies say that psychotherapy can help teen girls avoid obesity. Young hunters are more likely to incure treestand injuries.

You don’t need a large amount of lead to damage kids’ kidneys. Adult’s breathing troubles can start in childhood. There are more lung infections due to kids’ pneumonia vaccines.

One-fourth of all teen girls have been involved in violence. England wants to keep kids away from tanning beds. Breast feeding could lower your child’s risk of mental health problems.

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Winter advisory – never leave a child in the car alone

stockphotopro_75874292ARC_no_titleLois Lee, MD, MPH works in Children’s Emergency Department Injury Prevention Program

You often hear about children being left in cars in the middle of the summer, but did you know that it can be equally dangerous during the winter months?

Many parents probably understand the temptation to leave their young child in the car for “just a second” to run a quick errand, especially if the child is sleeping. But no matter how quickly you think you will be back to your car, you should never leave a child in the car alone.

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This week on Thrive: Jan. 4 – 8

Here’s a quick look at what Thrive was up to last week.

Children’s obesity expert gives tips on how to change your eating habits for the better. Mark Alexander, MD explores the question of whether or not high school athletes should be screened for heart disease. Children’s injury prevention expert gives tips on how to avoid a winter sports injury. Claire McCarthy, MD lists great resolutions for your family to live by. Do later bedtimes increase risk of teenage suicide and depression? A group of doctors is pushing for routine circumcision. Our Mediatrician discusses teenage boys and first-person shooter video games.

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Health headlines: Playground injuries, a new polio vaccine and the latest anti-soda ad

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stockphotopro_11081538GZC_mom_bandaging_Uganda outlaws female circumcision. A new polio vaccine is going to be used in Afghanistan. Researchers have developed an artificial clotting agent to help stop massive bleeding.

Playground injuries aren’t about fall – it’s the landing. Fifty million shades have been recalled for strangulation risk. Pregnancy spacing matters in babies’ health and STDs are common among sexually active teen girls in cities.

The CDC has a healthy version of the song The 12 Days of Christmas. Watch NYC’s latest anti-soda ad.

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