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Trusting your instincts: One mom’s story

Serena with Julia and Sebastian

Serena Hadsell has no medical training. But when her 4-year-old daughter Julia got sick a few days after Christmas in 2013, something else kicked in – her mother’s intuition.

“Julia had a stomach bug and was having trouble keeping anything down,” recalls Serena. “It was very late and I was trying to go to sleep, but I got the sense that something was wrong: Her breathing wasn’t quite right.”

A frightening late-night hospital trip

Serena considered waiting out the night at home and calling their pediatrician in the morning, but she couldn’t stop watching Julia. So, despite the late hour, Serena decided to pack up the family, including 6-month-old Sebastian, and head to their local hospital. Once there, it turned out that Serena’s instincts had been right.

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When a common cold turns life-threatening

SmileNo one is born a parent. But when we have our first child, we somehow figure out how to clothe and feed him. We love him, tickle him and sing him lullabies. And then he gets sick for the first time.

As we lie on the floor next to the crib while that gorgeous baby of ours cries, how do we know whether to hold his hand and rub his back or get up and call an ambulance?

Erin and Dan Boudreau can tell you. They’ve been there. The rare scenario that makes for nightmares happened to them.

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Children's and Project Medishare: reflections from the ICU

Elizabeth Robertshaw, RN, BSN, CCRN, 7 south MSICU
Elizabeth Robertshaw, RN, BSN, CCRN, 7 south MSICU

From April 10 to 18, Children’s Hospital Boston sent a group of 26 clinicians to a field hospital in Haiti. Here, those who staffed the ICU reflect on their experience.

Elizabeth Robertshaw, RN, BSN, CCRN, 7 south MSICU

Where to begin? How do you write on paper a whole country’s suffering? How do you show their faith, courage, and thankfulness through words? It has been so difficult to express all the emotions I have experienced in the past few weeks. Highs and lows.

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