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Children’s doctors and nurses continue relief efforts in Haiti

It’s been almost a year since an earthquake ravaged the island of Haiti, leaving 300,000 dead and over a million people homeless. Since the disaster, clinicians from Children’s Hospital Boston have been traveling to the country to provide care. Recently, a team of nurses and physicians returned from Port au Prince, where they spent a week helping with relief efforts. Conditions were extremely difficult: on top of a rapidly spreading outbreak of cholera, hurricane Tomas hit the island a few hours before they arrived, increasing the workload of the Haitian medical staff, already working around the clock to provide care for the Haitian people. Patrica Lincoln, BSN, one of the Children’s staff members on the trip, shares her experiences.

Katie Wallace, FNP, with a patient in Haiti

On a dark morning in early November, four doctors and eight nurses from Children’s Hospital Boston left for Haiti to assist the healthcare workers at Hospital Bernard Mevs, in Port-au-Prince, as part of a continuing relief effort coordinated by Project Medishare.

All of us had traveled to Haiti before, some even had family on the island, but we all came back for the same reason: to work alongside and help the Haitian people who have displayed a remarkable inner strength and sense of faith since the devastating earthquake hit the country almost a year ago.

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