Stories about: Hepatology

The race to save Hannah

After she was stricken with a serious illness almost overnight, and then rushed to Boston Children’s Hospital where in a matter of hours she received multiple treatments—including an extremely rare liver transplant—Hannah Swift could be the most aptly named eleven-year-old in the world.

In an age where close monitoring, drugs and advanced therapies can prevent or delay transplant surgeries for weeks or months, Hannah’s story is an amazing example of medical collaboration where every minute counted in saving her life.

More than a stomach bug

Hannah had been coughing and vomiting for a few days when her mother Carolyn brought her to see a pediatrician. Given the season, both mom and doctor assumed Hannah had caught the flu, so she was sent home for a few days bed rest. After two days of sleep and chicken noodle soup, Hannah wasn’t feeling any better. A day later she was so weak that she needed help getting into the shower. After noticing a yellowish tint around Hannah’s eyes and skin, Carolyn called the doctor who said they needed to go to the local hospital right away.

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