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How health care reform can benefit children and adolescents

image1-150x150The debates around federal health reform continue to involve complex decisions, and many of them originate from an “adult medicine” perspective.

Both the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the National Association of Children’s Hospitals have taken leadership roles to assure that child health needs are appropriately recognized in the final legislation. Judy Palfrey, MD, Children’s Hospital Boston’s longtime chief of General Pediatrics, has been an eloquent and engaged voice for pediatric care and has spent a great deal of time in Washington recently in her role as president-elect of the AAP. Her recent article in The New England Journal of Medicine lays out some of the critical issues we have been watching and working as a child-health community.

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Continuing to talk about children's health – here in Boston and on Capitol Hill


As many of you know, we have been committed to ensuring that health care reform guarantees that children have access to high quality care. I’m writing now from Washington, DC, as we personally deliver this message to the senators and congressmen representing all the New England states.

Lawrence McAndrews, the president and chief executive National Association of Children’s Hospitals and I wrote this editorial in response to and in support of the op ed by former Senators Tom Daschle and John Danforth.

When we return, I’ll let you know how the trip went and what the prospects look like for reform that will protect the health of the nation’s children.

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How Children's is trying to control costs

Given that there has been a lot of conversation about cost control in the health care debate, I’d like to talk a little bit about how we at Children’s Hospital Boston view as our responsibility in controlling costs.

We necessarily are focused on providing safe and effective care for the most severely ill children in our region. Most of those kids and families rely on Children’s for both acute and chronic care for difficult, life-long problems. We also have become the largest primary care providers for the underserved pediatric population of Boston and its surrounds. Still others come here for less serious conditions to see the pediatric specialists not available throughout the state or anywhere else in New England.

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Responding to your comments and questions

imageI got some great comments and questions about my first Thrive post earlier this week. Below are the comments/questions and my answers to them. Keep your thoughts and ideas coming. This is an incredibly important time in health care and it will take all of our voices, opinions and efforts to make sure we get the health care system we all need and deserve.



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