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Children’s global health: a medical mission to Grozny

This September a team from Children’s Hospital Boston went on a medical and educational mission to the war-torn city of Grozny, Chechnya. As representatives of Children’s Global Surgery Program, Children’s Plastic-Surgeon-in-Chief John Meara, MD, DMD, MBA, pediatric anesthesiologist Craig McClain, MD, MPH, nurse anesthetist Nelson Aquino, CRNA, MS and staff nurse II Jay Hartford, RN, BSN, SNI spent a week treating Chechen children and training local doctors to improve their delivery of pediatric perioperative healthcare at the recently constructed Gronzny Children’s Hospital.

While in Chechnya the team was joined by Russian plastic surgeon Dr. Elena Karpova and hosted by Chechan surgeon Dr. Khassan Baiev, who also serves as director of the International Committee for the Children of Chechnya.

(Slide show images by David Coventry,

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