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Surgeries, teamwork, teaching in Cange

Bev Small, RN, works with Haitian nurse Yanick Michel.

Before the earthquake, the hospital in Cange did eight, maybe nine operations a day, recalls Yanick Michel, a 26 year old OR nurse who’s worked here for a year. Almost immediately after the earthquake, the surgical caseload doubled. At the same time, donated equipment poured in to furnish the two operating rooms, including a new anesthesia machine.

To handle the influx of patients requiring surgery, visiting surgical groups, like this group from Children’s, are rotating through the hospital. As well as helping ease the patient load, the specialized surgical teams (orthopedics, plastic surgery and urology, for example) educate the local staff how to handle difficult cases they may never have seen before. “Although it’s been busier, it doesn’t feel hectic,” says Michel. “We adapt. I feel very comfortable because we have such a good entourage and we’re all trying to do the same thing. It’s all about the teamwork.”

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