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How to talk to kids about holiday gifts and lost loved ones

Christmas Day DreamingThe holidays are supposed to be a time full of joy. Unfortunately, they can also bring with them stress, sadness and unrealistic expectations. Kids are affected by this just as much as adults. We talked to Children’s psychiatrist Stuart Goldman, MD, about how to help your kids cope with the holiday blues and make this a memorable holiday for the whole family.

The holidays can be especially tough for children who have lost a family member. What are your suggestions for helping a child cope with the loss of a loved one during these times?

The holidays bring back memories of things missed and that might have been. Parents need to give children permission to be sad and reminisce over the loss of a loved one. It’s okay to look through photo albums and have a remembrance at church or over dinner. It’s important for kids to remember the past and not have it shut off. Tell children that it’s okay to miss that loved one, but that you can still have a good holiday. Have them write a letter to Grandma who’s in heaven and start a new holiday tradition that will help make this year’s celebrations memorable.

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