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Healthy food haters may not really know thier likes and dislikes
Healthy food haters may not really know their likes and dislikes

Did you know people need to try a food ten times before their brain can truly decide whether or not it likes the taste of something? And that’s ten separate trials; you can’t force a dozen forkfuls of a questionable spinach quiche down in one sitting and then swear it off forever.

It may hard news for some picky eaters to swallow, but according to research, human taste buds and brains have to process foods multiple times to fully familiarize themselves with the taste, texture and digestion of a food before they can ‘officially’ make a decision on its taste.

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Family resolutions to live by

stockphotopro_3973738XAW_no_titleThis year I’m resolving not to tell you anything you don’t already know. At risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m going to recommend doing these three things in 2010:

1.    Eat better
2.    Get more exercise
3.    Spend more time together as a family

My guess is that, if I left it at that, we’ll be sitting here next January talking about the same things. Resolutions are often dependent on a turning-over–a-new-leaf mentality that passes when the calendar flips to February and they don’t fit into the reality of our lives (it’s hard to go to the gym every day after work when you have to pick the kids up from daycare and get home to make dinner). We also try to make these changes independently, relying only on ourselves to count calories, get out for a run or schedule a family date-night.

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