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How to not fight the good (food) fight

In a great piece on NPR this morning, child nutrition specialists talked about picky eating in toddlers and how it’s important that parents let their little ones regulate their eating behaviors as much as possible; kids will usually get what they need if you just let them alone at the dinner table.

The story reminded me of an article I wrote a few years back from Children’s Dream magazine about how hard it was for my wife and me when our then-2-year-old triplets wouldn’t eat. One of the interviews I did for the article was with Children’s beloved pediatrician T. Berry Brazelton, and something he said has always stuck with me: “A battle over food is one a parent is sure to lose.”

Our triplets (l to r), Olivia, Jackson and Sophie, at age 2.

So, here’s the article I wrote back then. Do you have picky eaters at home? Have any advice for those of us who still struggle through the (more than) occasional meal with their toddlers? Share it in the comments section below or on our Thrive Facebook page.

If you’ve ever had your child ignore the dinner you put on the table (and the lunch you put on the table before that and the breakfast that went untouched to start the day), you’ve probably asked yourself, exasperated, “Why won’t this child eat? He needs to eat to survive!”

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