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Jorge Medina-Barreto has taken a proactive role in bettering his health
Jorge Medina-Barreto has taken a proactive role in bettering his health

Being a teenager can be rough. Simultaneously dealing with school, peer pressure and puberty can leave many young people feeling like forces outside their control are running their lives. But Jorge Medina-Barreto, a peer leader in the Adolescent Services Program at Martha Eliot Health Center, has taken a new path towards self-empowerment: improving his health through cooking and exercise.

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Do small changes in our diet really add up?

We’re constantly told that if we eat less and exercise more, the pounds will come sliding off. Not true. According to a recent study, small caloric changes have almost no long-term effect on weight.

While this news is disappointing, Children’s obesity expert – David Ludwig, MD, PhD, tell The New York Times that there is hope, especially for children. Small changes made during childhood lead to a much healthier adult lifestyle.

You can read more of Ludwig has to say on topic of childhood obesity here on Thrive.

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Health headlines: Deafness, IVF and the new flu vaccine

yawning boyOther stories we’ve been reading:

New York’s soda tax could bring in $222 million. [Read Children’s obesity expert’s take on artificially sweetened beverages.] Chronic health conditions are increasing in children. If your child’s grandparents are babysitting regularly, it’s more likely your kid will be overweight. Bone-anchored hearing aids help kids with single-side deafness.

The best way to keep your kids vaccinations up-to-date is to keep a shot card. [Read about the updated immunization schedule.] Rapid flu tests are most accurate for young children. The new seasonal flu vaccine will contain an H1N1 strain.

Teens might exercise more if they think it’s fun. Video games aren’t the cause for your teen’s headaches. Tired teens are more prone to car crashes. A lack of morning light can cause irregular sleep for teens. {Read how late bedtimes affect teens mental health.]

Preemie twins may face lower risks of certain complications versus single preemie babies. Does an adult’s health differ when they’re an IVF baby? Bilingualism may begin in the womb. The average birth weight in the United States in on the decline.

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Family resolutions to live by

stockphotopro_3973738XAW_no_titleThis year I’m resolving not to tell you anything you don’t already know. At risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m going to recommend doing these three things in 2010:

1.    Eat better
2.    Get more exercise
3.    Spend more time together as a family

My guess is that, if I left it at that, we’ll be sitting here next January talking about the same things. Resolutions are often dependent on a turning-over–a-new-leaf mentality that passes when the calendar flips to February and they don’t fit into the reality of our lives (it’s hard to go to the gym every day after work when you have to pick the kids up from daycare and get home to make dinner). We also try to make these changes independently, relying only on ourselves to count calories, get out for a run or schedule a family date-night.

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