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Keeping emergency department visits anxiety-free—for children and parents

My son Zach, waiting for stitches in his chin in the Boston Children's ED. I'm not sure who was more anxious that night, him or us.

My wife and I have two, active, bouncy boys. Which means that we’ve made our share of visits to the Emergency Department here at Boston Children’s.

Twice it’s been for stitches. The first time was when my younger son, Zach, slipped in the bathtub and split his chin. The second time, his big brother, Owen, was climbing a boulder and slid down it on his face.

We don’t come to Boston Children’s just because I work here. And not because it’s the closest option for us (it isn’t). But because we know the boys will get top-notch care—it is a children’s hospital, after all.

What we didn’t realize, though, was how much more was going on during our visits to address the boys’ (and our) anxiety just as much as their lacerations.

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