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One mother’s story: shaken baby syndrome

Here, the mother of a Boston Children’s Hospital patient shares the story of how her husband shook their 2-month-old daughter, and how they’ve spent the last few years trying to put their lives back together.

Your life can change in the blink of an eye. I wouldn’t have believed that until it happened to me.

Our daughter was almost 2 months old and I was going out for an afternoon with a friend. I was taking my older daughter, Tessa*, while my husband stayed home with our newborn, Erin. When Tessa and I arrived home I was reassured to see Erin sleeping on my husband’s shoulder. I asked how things were and he said that it had been a good day. I was happy to see the two of them sharing an intimate moment.

Over the next two days, Erin was throwing up her bottles and not sleeping well.

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