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From ear infections to ear tubes: A tale of 2 tots (in texts)

ear infectionsMeet Henry and Atticus — two toddlers with much in common. Both little boys live near Boston with their parents and are happy, smiley babies … most of the time. But sometimes, they aren’t quite so joyful.

Henry and Atticus have suffered chronic ear infections in infancy, and their conditions persisted to the point at which their pediatricians recommended ear tubes. Their mothers — Erin Jemiola (Henry) and Katie Monroe (Atticus) — share their text messages as they coped with their sons’ ear infections and made the decision to have ear tube surgery.

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Hospital becomes playground for 2-year-old with ear tubes

Luke Park

Distracting and entertaining a toddler during a doctor’s visit is no walk in the park. But what if the doctor’s office has all the bells and whistles of the playground, plus it makes your child feel better?

Luke Unsworth is an active and healthy 2-year-old who lives with his parents Marybeth and Andrew Unsworth in Norwood, Mass. After six painful ear infections in six months, Luke’s pediatrician referred the Unsworths to Dr. Eelam Adil at Boston Children’s at Waltham for Myringotomy tubes (ear tubes).

Dr. Adil says ear tubes “decrease the frequency and severity of ear infections, improve comfort, allow for using antibiotic drops instead of oral systemic antibiotics and improve hearing.” About one million children in the U.S. each year have tubes placed in their ears.

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