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When it comes to autism, it takes a village

Emmett, who has autism, peeks out from behind a fence. It’s Autism Awareness Month, and as the mom of a significantly autistic child, Emmett, age 7, it’s a time to reflect on my child’s journey from non-verbal to moderately conversant, reading, doing simple math and enjoying so much of his life.

It started when Emmett was 2 ½,  with Dr. Leonard Rappaport, a developmental pediatrician at Boston Children’s Hospital. I was extraordinarily fortunate to find “Dr. Lenny,” as my son calls him. He entered our lives and helped me transition from terrified, lost parent to empowered autism community member and peer leader. He gave me an autism vocabulary and believed in me as a parent before I was prepared to believe in myself. Dr. Rappaport truly gave me the greatest gift: a starting point for my child’s journey. He told me he believed in me and he believed in my son. Leonard Rappaport changed me as parent and as a human, as I learned to move forward and take a lead in guiding others. Helping other parents in the autism community is now my passion.

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