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Forever grateful: Finding the best epilepsy doctors for my son

James, who had surgery for seizures, poses for his first day of third gradeWhen James arrived at 3 pounds, 15 ounces and 15 inches long, he stole my heart. He wrapped his tiny fingers around my own and I hoped he would never let go. He met all of his milestones, with the exception of being a little behind in his speech. We were about to put him in speech therapy when we learned he had a much bigger problem.

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Antonio’s story: Detecting shunt failure without surgery or imaging


Meet Antonio, a 14-year-old who depends on shunts to drain excess fluid in his head. The shunts are prone to failure, and detecting failure and identifying which shunt has failed is a tenuous process that requires high-tech imaging or surgery. That’ s one of the reasons why Antonio and his mother Joanne were happy to participate in a study of ShuntCheck, a device designed to detect shunt failure developed by his neurosurgeon Dr. Joseph Madsen. Read more about Antonio, Madsen and ShuntCheck on our sister blog, Vector.

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