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From ear infections to ear tubes: A tale of 2 tots (in texts)

ear infectionsMeet Henry and Atticus — two toddlers with much in common. Both little boys live near Boston with their parents and are happy, smiley babies … most of the time. But sometimes, they aren’t quite so joyful.

Henry and Atticus have suffered chronic ear infections in infancy, and their conditions persisted to the point at which their pediatricians recommended ear tubes. Their mothers — Erin Jemiola (Henry) and Katie Monroe (Atticus) — share their text messages as they coped with their sons’ ear infections and made the decision to have ear tube surgery.

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Help! My daughter has become a vegetarian!

teen vegetarian

Q: My daughter has decided to follow a vegetarian diet. Do I need to worry about protein deficiency? ~ Worried Mom

This is one of the most common questions that pediatricians are asked. A vegetarian diet, and especially one that includes fish, can be a very healthy option.

Learn more about nutrition for vegetarians and ways your family can shift to a vegetarian diet.

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