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Daughter’s neurosurgery inspires mom to give back

Kannon, who had hydrocephalus, is now a happy 5-year-old.Danielle Parkman isn’t a doctor or nurse. In fact, she’s not a clinician of any kind. And yet every day she makes the lives of patients in the Boston Children’s Hospital Division of Pulmonary and Respiratory Diseases a little bit easier.

As the Senior Administrative Associate for Pharmaceutical Benefits and Prior Authorization Specialist, Danielle is responsible for getting approvals for pharmacy benefits and prior authorizations for all pulmonology patients. It’s a daunting task, but she doesn’t take no for an answer.

“I love my job, and I love fighting for my patients,” says Danielle. “I know I’m making a difference. I can also empathize with many of the parents because I’ve been in their shoes.”

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Nursing, full circle: A lifetime of care for Jacky


Jacky Steiding has worked at Boston Children’s Hospital for 24 years — first as a clinical assistant and now as nursing clinical coordinator of the Boston Children’s Division of Pulmonary and Respiratory Diseases. But her relationship with Boston Children’s goes back much further, to before she can even remember.

“I spent many evenings in the emergency room at Boston Children’s,” says Jacky, who was diagnosed with asthma as a young girl and struggled with the condition her entire childhood. “My mom wouldn’t take me anywhere else.” She remembers her mother’s hand rubbing her forehead and the nurses’ calming voices, assuring her she would be all right.

Jacky with her grandmom and dad

Over time, she came to think of Boston Children’s as a healing space — “my safe place that helped me breath again.”

That feeling of being safe stuck with Jacky.

When she was planning for college during senior year of high school, Jacky asked for guidance from her history teacher, Mr. Marston. She told him about her struggles with asthma and that she wanted to help children feel safe. He suggested nursing school.

“In hindsight, nursing was my calling,” says Jacky. “But I didn’t realize it until that talk with Mr. Marston.”

Pursuing nursing was the right decision for Jacky.

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