Stories about: digestion difficulty

A (newfound) appetite for life

What would it be like to live your whole life, unable to eat food? Read about Gwen Lorimier, a patient who couldn’t eat until an intestinal transplant offered her a chance at a normal childhood.

For as long as she can remember, Gwen Lorimier, now 8, wanted nothing more intensely than the ability to eat. To chomp down on a steaming hotdog. To lick vanilla ice cream as it melted down a cone. To snack on cereal while watching cartoons with her big sister, Abby. But eating was merely a fantasy for Gwen. Since the age of 1, her body had mysteriously refused to digest food. To stay alive, Gwen received all her calories and nutrition through an IV. Nothing could pass through her mouth without causing excruciating pain—not even water.

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