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Living with an intellectual disability: One couple’s story

living with an intellectual disabilityMarni (my sister) and Kris Jamieson have mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. They grew up in Queens, N.Y., met in their teens and married in 1993, as chronicled in the documentary film we made together, Lifestyles of the Poor and Unknown (2001). Marni still shows the film for staff training purposes at her chapter of The Arc, which serves people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Today, Marni and Kris live in upstate New York in supportive housing with the help of The Arc. Now age 50, Marni will celebrate her Bat Mitzvah in June.

Q: What was the hardest thing about growing up with a disability?

Marni: School. When I was a lot younger, people would say I was retarded because I learn slower. And that used to make me cry. And I had my fair share of bully problems.

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