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Mia’s story: Looking back on Christmas Eve in the ER

broken ankleThirteen-year-old Mia Useloff is looking forward to her family’s traditional Christmas Eve ritual. The Useloffs celebrate the day shopping at the Wrentham Outlet Mall, where Mia will be on the hunt for a new pair of UGG boots and chocolate treats.

It’s a far cry from Dec. 24, 2014, for this Jewish family. Last year, the four Useloffs gathered in the Boston Children’s Hospital emergency room (ER).

“It was the right place for us,” says Mia’s father, David.

On Dec. 23, Mia had landed wrong while performing a back tuck during cheerleading practice. Her parents treated the injury as a simple ankle sprain and iced and braced it through the night.

The next day they made an appointment with a local doctor in Framingham.

A broken ankle

“He told us it was a bad ankle fracture and was surprised she slept through the night,” recalls David.

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