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Can playing outside improve eyesight?

How big a role does sun light paly in strengthening young eyes?

As a kid, my mother was always shooing my brother and me outside to play. ‘Get outdoors and get some fresh air’ was more than a suggestion in the Underwood household—it was a parental mandate. The forced backyard time didn’t do much for my budding videogame skills, but it’s possible that it did wonders for my eyes.

Studies recently presented at a American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting suggests that kids who spend more time outdoors are less likely to suffer from myopia, also known as nearsightedness. Could playing outside really improve eyesight in kids?

For years outdoor play has been celebrated as a free and effective weapon in the war against childhood obesity, but it rarely gets much press as an eyesight enhancer. But according to a new analysis of eight eye health studies, which pools data on more than 10,400 children, there is a correlation between people who spend less time in the sun and nearsightedness.

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Are your child's eyes keeping her from A's and B's?

Many vision tests can be accurate, but often the results depend on more than eyesight

From artificial organs to robotic surgery, modern medical science has vastly improved in the past few decades. Why then, despite all these technological advances, are most pediatricians and public schools still using vision tests developed 148 years ago? In a world where surgeons can preserve the vision of patients with ocular tumors, relying on a vision test where kids simply cover an eye and read a string of letters seems a little archaic. But despite its simplicity, the commonly used Snellen Eye Chart is very accurate— assuming the test subject is old enough to understand what’s being asked of him.

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One mother's story: Help, my babies need contact lenses

Inserting contact lenses into the eyes of an infant sounds like a daunting task, but Susan Purcell, mother of 5-year-old Daniel and 1-year-old Joshua, didn’t have many options. When Daniel was 3 months old, David Hunter, MD, PhD, ophthalmologist-in-chief at Children’s Hospital Boston, told Susan that without contacts Daniel would be blind.

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