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Making a difference, one blood donor at a time

Blood Donation from Northeastern DTD

When Mat Jacowleff walks into the Blood Donor Center (BDC) at Boston Children’s Hospital, the room lights up. Whoever is sitting at the front desk gets up to shake his hand, and as he walks by the donation room, waves and smiles fill the space. Mat, a Connecticut native now studying business at Northeastern University, loves spending time at the BDC and they love having him.

This all started around six months ago. At a doctor’s appointment at Boston Children’s, Mat noticed a Give Pints for Half Pints sign that read, “One pint of donated blood can help up to four children.” Recently named his fraternity’s community service chair, Mat had been looking for a way to give back to his community and thought, “What better way to do so than at Boston Children’s Blood Donor Center?”

“I’ve always loved connecting people,” says Mat. “So when I saw the sign, I thought, ‘There are over 100 guys I have an influence over who are willing to help, so I might as well do what I can.'”

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