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Dangers of co-sleeping

There have been a rash of infant deaths In Milwaukee, all related to unsafe sleeping environments. The most recent victim was a 1-month-old girl recently found dead after spending the night sleeping in the same bed with an adult.

The girl was at least the 10th child to die in the area because of an unsafe sleeping environment. Most of those deaths involved suffocation and happened when the child shared a bed with an adult or older sibling.  Sleeping in bed with an infant can be dangerous for several reasons:

  • Risk of rolling over on top of the infant causing suffocation
  • Infant suffocating from soft bed clothing (pillows, comforter, loose sheets)
  • Infant suffocating when the head gets stuck between the mattress and the wall
  • Infant falling off the bed

In response to the deaths, Milwaukee health officials have released a controversial ad campaign, showing a sleeping baby snuggling up to a kitchen knife with these words:

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This week on Thrive: Nov. 23-27

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