Stories about: congestive heart failure

He wears his heart on his… back?


Last winter, Deyven Ferreras started to feel a bit weak. He was extra tired during the day and had trouble catching his breath before falling asleep. The 18-year-old from Providence, Rhode Island, attributed the weakness to the fact that he wasn’t exercising as much as he did in the warmer months, when he regularly played basketball with his friends. Over spring break, however, the situation grew dramatically worse. Deyven felt nauseous and assumed he had the flu — until a regularly scheduled doctor’s visit revealed he was actually in heart failure.

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Rolensky’s story: saving his heart by fixing his brain


In the fall of last year, a young woman named Gerdline walked into Hospital Saint-Nicholas in Saint-Marc, Haiti, carrying her baby son Rolensky. Only four months old, the boy was in a bad way: thin, breathing rapidly and lethargic, with a bluish tinge to his skin.

Little did Gerdline know as she crossed the hospital threshold that Rolensky’s heart was failing—because of a one-in-a-million blood vessel malformation in his brain. Nor did she know that the two of them would soon be on a plane to Boston, where doctors from across Boston Children’s Hospital would come together around her boy to save his heart by fixing his brain.

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