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Precious self-esteem

Children’s Center for Young Women’s Health youth advisor, Erica, writes a compelling review of the movie, Precious. She discusses the film’s issues that deal with self-esteem and child abuse.

For resouces dealing with child abuse, contact our Child Protection Clinical Services Program.

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Preventing infant violence with parental support

baby eye.thb

by Allison Scobie, LICSW, MBA

How many times have we heard the old adage that parenting is the toughest job? The reality is that parenting, while quite rewarding, can at times also be extremely challenging. In fact, caregiver stress is virtually universal. What many parents don’t know, however, is that their private experiences of frustration, guilt and exhaustion in response to the demands of parenting are extremely common.

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One mother’s story: shaken baby syndrome

Here, the mother of a Boston Children’s Hospital patient shares the story of how her husband shook their 2-month-old daughter, and how they’ve spent the last few years trying to put their lives back together.

Your life can change in the blink of an eye. I wouldn’t have believed that until it happened to me.

Our daughter was almost 2 months old and I was going out for an afternoon with a friend. I was taking my older daughter, Tessa*, while my husband stayed home with our newborn, Erin. When Tessa and I arrived home I was reassured to see Erin sleeping on my husband’s shoulder. I asked how things were and he said that it had been a good day. I was happy to see the two of them sharing an intimate moment.

Over the next two days, Erin was throwing up her bottles and not sleeping well.

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