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A busy August continues, professionally and personally

imageWell folks, quite a last week for Children’s and, interestingly enough, for us personally! In Boston, August is supposedly a slow month for many people and business due to vacations. Just the opposite happens here at Children’s. In addition to the usual high volume of kids with emergent, critical health needs, many families decide to have their children’s elective surgical procedures when school is out. The operating room schedule goes through the roof and every ICU bed is filled to capacity. We had heart transplants, multiple organ transplants and every conceivable medical problem that a child could have being taken care of in the hospital. It was amazing.

It was also the week that our very youngest (4-month-old) grandchild had her reconstructive surgery and was here at Children’s for two days. During the nearly six hours in the family waiting room during the surgery and a subsequent visit to the emergency room during the middle of the night, my daughter and son-in-law met many other families just as worried and exhausted as they were. They also expressed what every parent I have ever met has said: “We are so fortunate compared to other families here who have children with problems even more difficult than ours.” It always reminds me of the warmth and caring of our entire staff. Thanks for everything you do for the kids.

Hope that the rest of you have a happy and healthy August.

– Jim

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