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One mother's story: our baby's congenital heart defect

By Tricia Garcia-Dergay

riley_photoRiley arrived on July 6, 2007, via c-section at a hefty 9 pounds and 10 ounces. She was gorgeous, plump and hairy. The doctors mentioned she had a heart murmur, but probably nothing we needed to worry about.

Fast-forward two weeks. Riley is home but has been fussy for a few days and not eating. She’s grunting and her color is off. Her dad and mom (who is herself dealing with a bout of Bell’s Palsy) take her to her pediatrician. He takes one look and goes into full “I’m more heroic and ‘take charge’ than Dr. Green from ER!” mode and rides with Riley (now in respiratory distress) in an ambulance to New England Medical Center (NEMC).

Riley spent the new two weeks at NEMC. While there, she underwent a cardiac catheterization to better diagnose the underlying problem. We knew she had pulmonary hypertension and mitral valve regurgitation. But we were still uncertain about the underlying cause.

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