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Ask the expert: How to prevent and respond to bullying


October is National Bullying Prevention Month. It brings a flood of anti-bullying postings on social media, as well as anti-bullying banners and signs in schools and the community.

National Bullying Prevention Month reminds us bullying is common; one out of four students report they were bullied during the last school year. Bullying involves a difference in social or physical power between the child who is doing the bullying and the child being bullied; it can be verbal, physical or emotional bullying and is often a pattern of behavior.

The increased awareness that comes with Bullying Prevention Month can encourage schools and communities to develop programs to promote an anti-bullying culture. In today’s world, bullying is rightfully treated as serious business — there are increased efforts to encourage bullying to be reported and anti-bullying laws to prevent and address bullying when it occurs.

Bullying prevention efforts can have a number of different focuses, such as campaigns to turn children from “bystanders to upstanders” or encouraging children to “Shake it off” as in the Taylor Swift song. But what can parents do to prevent bullying, and what can they do if their child is being bullied?

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Health headlines: Adoption, school bullies and birth defects

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