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Parent Q&A: Helping a daughter through breast reduction surgery

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For her eighteenth birthday, Mackenzie Langan wanted people to know her as something other than the girl with the big breasts. The teenager from Cape Cod—whose experience was chronicled in a recent episode of Nightline—underwent a double breast reduction surgery to take her G-cup chest down to a C size. Now, you “can’t take the smile off her face,” says Mackenzie’s mother, Cindy Crawford, who shared with us a parent’s perspective on coping with macromastia and getting treatment from Brian Labow, MD, at the Boston Children’s Hospital Adolescent Breast Center.

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Living an active life after amputation: Paige’s story

For the Welch family, their trip to Trinidad seemed like a near-perfect vacation. They had just attended a beautiful wedding, and a day later Racquel, her nephew Lance and her daughter Paige were kayaking off a popular location under the mid-afternoon sun.

However, their dream trip turned into a nightmare when a run-away speedboat came careening into the area where the three were paddling, smashing their kayak and sending them tumbling into the ocean. Despite his serious injuries, Lance heroically dove deep into the water to pull Paige to the surface. Fortunately for all, a nearby Coast Guard boat witnessed the accident and helped pulled them from the water.  And while the quick rescue prevented their potential drowning, the damage to the family’s bodies had been done. Racquel had crushed bones in her arm and back, as well as deep tears in her shoulder, leg and eye. Lance’s foot had been severed in the accident, and Paige’s arm had been nearly torn from her body from the elbow down.

The family was rushed to nearby medical centers where their conditions were stabilized. Lance’s foot was reattached, as was Paige’s arm. However, it wasn’t long before she began experiencing complications. Just two days after her surgery, it was clear that her young daughter needed more advanced treatment than what was available. Paige and her father Clark were then flown from Trinidad to Boston Children’s Hospital where she could receive the level of care she needed. (Due to her injuries, Racquel needed more time to heal—it would be two weeks until she was well enough to join her family in Boston.)

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