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Listen up: The high volume of hearing loss

Kids and teens regularly exposed to second-hand smoke are almost twice as likely to develop hearing loss than children who aren’t usually around it, according to a recent study by the Archives of Otolaryngology. And if something as seemingly unrelated as second-hand smoke contributes to hearing loss in kids, what else can erode a child’s hearing?

Brian Fligor, ScD, director of Diagnostic Audiology at Children’s Hospital Boston, says everyday things that seem harmless are actually degrading our hearing without us realizing it. “Unfortunately, hearing loss is something that affects a lot of people, but it’s also something we can’t see,” he says. “It’s kind of a sinister thing.”

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Protecting children's hearing

baby wearing headphonesChildren’s Brian Fligor, ScD, CCC-A, director of diagnostic audiology, is quoted in a recent article by The New York Times about the importance of protecting your children’s hearing.

Hearing loss from exposure to loud noises is cumulative and irreversible; if such exposure starts in infancy, children can live half their lives with hearing loss.

Learn more about the signs of hearing loss in your children and how to care for children with hearing loss.

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