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What do you think of the breastfeeding baby doll?

Claire McCarthy, MD

Have you heard about the breastfeeding doll from Spain?

I was really happy to hear about it. I am a strong supporter of breastfeeding, both as a pediatrician and a mom; I breastfed all of my children, the last three until they were between three and four years old. Yet despite all this exposure to breastfeeding, my kids only wanted to give their dolls bottles. “Don’t you want to nurse your baby?” I’d say to them, and they’d look at me like I had three heads.

I read about it in a blog that included a video of a little girl playing with it. Eager to see how it worked, I watched the video.

I was totally creeped out.


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Health headlines: Crib recall, teen drinking linked to 'R' movies and school lunch gets an ‘F’

On Thursday, the federal government recalled thousands of Simplicity and Graco cribs, because there is sufficient evidence that babies using the products run the risk of suffocation and/or strangulation.

The Quotient Company is claiming it has created a device that can diagnose ADHD based on electronic analysis of kids’ facial movements. If accurate, the machine could cut down on misdiagnosis of the disorder but many in the medical community are skeptical, including Dr. William Barbaresi, an ADHD researcher at Children’s Hospital Boston.

Researchers at Dartmouth Medical School found that Middle-school age kids who don’t watch R-rated movies are less likely to start drinking than children who view films that have been tagged with an R rating.

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