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This week on Thrive, August 2-6

Here’s a round up of Thrive’s pediatric coverage this past week.

Children’s last appearance on Boston Med aired this Thursday. Here’s an exclusive video with the ER doc featured on the program, as well as a wrap up Thrive’s coverage of ABC’s series.

David Ludwig, MD, MPH, was co-author on a study that linked excessive weight gain by pregnant woman to potential health concerns for the baby later.

Massachusetts’ governor Deval Patrick signed into law a bill that requires private insurance companies to help pay for behavioral therapy for children with autism. Prior to the bill many families were forced to pay for these costly treatments out of pocket.

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Children's final episode on Boston Med

Last night, the final episode of Boston Med featuring Children’s Hospital Boston aired. Over the past two months, the show introduced America to many of the hospital’s inspiring patients, families and health care providers. One such provider is Joshua Nagler, MD, the emergency department doctor featured on last night’s show. In the following video, Nagler talks about why he feels it’s important the world sees the critical work done in emergency departments, and explains his initial reluctance to be on camera. Fortunately for this camera-shy doc, the fast pace of life in an emergency department gave him little time to think about it.

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One patient's story: life after neurosurgery

Amy, one week prior to visiting Children's Hospital Boston
Amy, one week prior to visiting Children's Hospital Boston

As a high school sophomore, Amy Rucki was admitted to Children’s Hospital Boston with a brain tumor. She was followed by ABC camera crews, who were taping for the medical documentary, Boston Med (tune in tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC). Though she wasn’t included in the final cut of the show, you can watch exclusive mini-episodes about her experience online (part one here, part two here). Below, Amy reflects on being a teen, brain surgery and her long road to recovery.

In the spring of 2009 I began feeling sick, on and off, for seemingly no reason. My blood pressure was higher than normal, my heart would occasionally palpitate and every now and again I’d get strong flu symptoms. It was confusing and slowed me down some, but for the most part I was a just another high school sophomore, finishing up the school year and anxiously awaiting prom. (I went to my first one that May). The dance was great, but just one week later my whole world changed forever.

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Heart week: Francis Fynn-Thompson video interview

Don’t forget to watch Boston Med tonight, to see Children’s Hospital Boston’s Francis Fynn-Thompson, MD, perform a life saving heart transplant on his teenage patient Sara Dumas.

In the following video Fynn-Thompson shares his thoughts on what it was like to work as a surgeon under the close scrutiny of ABC’s cameras.

Make sure you check in with us tomorrow, because Sara Dumas will share her story in an exclusive post for Thrive. The 18-year old heart transplant recipient will comment not only on her condition and Children’s experience, but also what it was like to undergo such a major medical procedure and lengthy hospital stay with camera crews capturing it all.

As always, check out, for exclusive, in depth and behind-the-scenes material as it relates to Children’s participation in Boston Med.

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