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Bone fracture, a blessing in disguise

Blake and Kayla Spellman

Beyond their blue eyes and big smiles, Blake and Kayla Spellman share a unique, hidden bond.

In February of 2014, 15 months after inquisitive and fun-loving Blake was born, there was something amiss. He was holding his arm as if in a sling and his parents didn’t know why. Seeking an explanation, the Spellmans took Blake to see his pediatrician.

“After the doctor came back from viewing an x-ray, you could just tell she was concerned, beyond an obvious broken wrist,” says Blake’s dad Dan. “She ended up recommending we take him right to Boston Children’s Hospital.”

At the Emergency Department at Boston Children’s, Blake was referred to Orthopedics and then to Endocrinology, where he was seen by Dr. Nina Ma, a pediatric endocrinologist and director of the Bone Health Program at Boston Children’s.

“When I looked at the x-ray, I saw cupping and fraying at the wrist, which is a sign he might have something called rickets,” says Ma.

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