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Ask the Expert: What’s the magic behind The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep?

bedtimeThe self-published book The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep has skyrocketed to top of Amazon’s best-seller list. The book’s success is likely fueled by parents fighting a nightly battle to get their children to sleep. Thriving asked Dr. Umakanth Khatwa, director of the Boston Children’s Hospital’s Sleep Center, about the magic of the book and to share additional tips for a smooth bedtime.

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Do later bedtimes increase risk of teenage depression & suicide?

stockphotopro_0436544BXN_teenage_boy_lyiCan teenagers’ bedtimes be an indicator of whether or not they’re more likely to be depressed or suicidal? A recent study in the journal SLEEP suggests so. Children’s sleep specialist Dennis Rosen, MD, talks about why this study is an important indicator that teens should be getting a good night’s rest.

by Dennis Rosen, MD

The observation that most teenagers (roughly 80%, according to the National Sleep Foundation’s 2006 “Sleep in America” survey) get fewer than the recommended 9 hours of sleep a night is not new. 

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