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Three studies shed light on effectiveness of autism treatments

April is Autism Awareness Month

For parents raising children with autism, there always seems to be more questions than answers. And with as many as one in every 110 children in the United States being diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), more questions are being asked everyday. Unfortunately, much about ASDs remain a mystery. For starters, researchers don’t know what causes autism. Current theories suggest it may be caused by environmental, biologic and genetic factors, or a combination of all three, but so far no one can prove anything definitively.

And the confusion doesn’t end with the origins of autism. Its treatment can be puzzling as well because there’s no guarantee an intervention that helps one child on the spectrum will work for someone else.

To help clinicians and families better understand the benefits of some ASD interventions, the medical journal Pediatrics recently published three different studies on the effectiveness of certain ASD treatment methods. The use of medication, behavioral interventions and the introduction of a digestive hormone called secretin were all individually examined and reviewed based on their methodology and success in treating ASDs.

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