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The presence of athletic doping in sports is explored. Read Maggie Hickey’s story about how her invisible epidemic was caused by a concussion. Learn all about psychiatric medication and children. Preemies’ pain threshold is lower than previously thought. Claims of vitamin-fortified, sugary foods are hard to swallow. Learn choking prevention tips for your children. Stem cell research opens the window on premature aging. There are DSM changes that can affect your family. What goes on in the brain during a 3-D movie? How having a family changes your views on the environment.

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Athletic doping present in all levels of sports

concept of drugs in sportsby Lyle J. Micheli, MD, director of Children’s Division of Sports Medicine

The Winter Olympics in Vancouver are now well underway; the question of athletic doping in sports inevitably will be addressed and revisited. It is important to realize that this is by no means a new issue although methods of detecting doping and the various methodologies for doping have now changed dramatically over the years.

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