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A new study suggests a change in the way we prescribe eyeglasses to children. Another study suggests more youth than ever are dealing with mental health issues. Judy Palfrey, MD, FAAP talks about the First Lady’s new anti-obesity initiative. A pill may just be the answer for individuals with fragile X syndrome. Find out all of the information you need to know about Massachusetts’s new tooth brushing law. A Children’s researcher discovers that people with anorexia have high levels of fat in their bone marrow. Massachusetts restaurants are leading the way in making dining out safer for those with food allergies. Our Mediatrician explores whether vampire fiction can contribute to anxiety. Children’s clinicians reflect on their time in Haiti.

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Eating disorders and fatty bone marrow?

MRI of an anorexic patient's knee

There are an estimated 24 million Americans suffering from eating disorders, 90 percent of whom are women between 12 and 25. Identifying and treating eating disorders as early as possible is critical, as months or even years of malnutrition can take an immense toll on the body, and can result in osteoporosis, slowed growth, heart disturbances, loss of menstrual periods, depression and anxiety.

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