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Children's launches new stem cell site

Children’s Stem Cell Research Program, which developed 11 of the first 13 human embryonic stem cell lines approved by the NIH for federal funding, launched a new Web site today that aims to answer some of the basic stem cell research questions that people have and shows some of the ways that stem cell research has already impacted the lives of sick children.

The Stem Cell 101 videos page features Len Zon, MD, and George Daley, MD, PhD, the leaders of the Stem Cell Program, talking about what stem cells are, how they’re used in the lab and the work they’re doing to bring real cures to patients’ bedsides using stem cells.

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Religion & Ethics – how stem cells fit in

hESCcolony1-0PBS’s show, Religion & Ethics, will be airing an episode beginning Friday, April 2, that focuses on how stem cells fit into religion. The episode features Children’s stem cell researcher George Daley, MD, PhD, and Andres Trevino – who recently shared with Thrive his personal story of how stem cells saved his son’s life.

You can read a recent interview with Daley on the Religion & Ethics Web site and visit Children’s new Web site that aims to demystify stem cell research.

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