Santa’s gift to Children’s patients: a chance to smile

By Rachel Buckley

As patients headed toward Children’s Hospital Boston’s family center yesterday morning, their excitement was hard to deny. Will’s sister Ashley pushed his wheelchair a little faster than normal, Devaun held his father’s hand extra tight and Isabel would barely stay in her carriage. Long lines and big crowds may be unavoidable this time of year, but this was one line that no one seemed to mind.

And with good reason; after all, it’s not every day a child gets the chance to video-chat with Santa.

Thanks to a video feed installed by Cisco Systems, Santa was able to take time out of his busy day to talk with patients, some here for the day and others who had been inpatients for weeks. But regardless of what brought them to Children’s, once the kids saw Santa smiles and laughs quickly became all they thought about.

Being hospitalized for the holidays is hard on patients and their families, but for many kids with medical concerns it’s a part of life. To help make this time of year a little more special Children’s host events like the Cisco Santa video-chat, which lightens everyone’s spirits and makes the hospital feel a little more like home.

Devaun talks with Santa
Alina logs in for some face time with the head elf
Renee fills Santa in on her wish list