A prom to remember for two heart kids

prom photoIMG_5084 (2)Two kids went to prom together.

Not just any kids — heart kids.

Seventeen years ago, in 1999, Allie and Logan were roommates in the Boston Children’s Hospital Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU), fighting for their lives against heart disease.

They were both undergoing the first two — of three each — open-heart surgeries.

Elizabeth (Logan’s mom) and Amy (Allie’s mom) spent every available moment at the bedside with their new babies — chatting about hearts, hospitals and life. Some days were more difficult than others, and there were setbacks for both kids.

Many times when Allie was crashing — a term the doctors used to mean her heart was failing dangerously fast — and Amy was ushered out of the room, Elizabeth would sit by Logan’s bedside and report to Amy what was going on. And vice versa, when Logan was crashing and Elizabeth was ushered out, Amy would sit with Allie and report to Elizabeth.

Amy with Allie at the Heart Center in 2000
Amy with Allie at the Heart Center in 2000

It was a rough road for both Allie and Logan, and it was very clear to the families that there was no guarantee either of these two babies would leave the hospital. Both moms admit there were times when it was hard to envision a life beyond the beeps and alarms of the CICU.

But each day brought new hope.

Eventually, Allie and Logan were released and started new lives outside the walls of Boston Children’s.

More about Allie and Logan
Allison (cardiologist Dr. Tal Geva/surgeons Dr. Richard Jonas and Dr. Pedro DelNido) has complex Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) and Logan (surgeon Dr. Emile Bacha during his fellowship) has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). TOF is a combination of cardiac anatomy issues, which must be surgically corrected within the first few weeks of life. HLHS is when the left side of the heart is severely underdeveloped, and the heart can’t pump enough oxygenated blood throughout the body. HLHS also requires neonatal surgery.

The families remained in touch throughout the years. Because Elizabeth lives in North Carolina and Amy lives in Massachusetts, their kids got to know each other via social media and formed a friendship via Facebook and Instagram.

In February, Logan sent a package to Allie. She found a talking teddy bear inside.

The bear spoke in a southern accent and asked an important question.

“Hi Allie, it’s me Logan. I know we haven’t seen each other in a while, but it would do my heart good if you would go to prom with me in April.”

Allie agreed, and her family made arrangements to drive from Massachusetts to North Carolina to watch the two heart kids dance the night away.

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