“This project is the most rewarding.”


(Katherine C. Cohen/Boston Children’s Hospital)

Kevin Murrin

 IBEW electrician / Sully Mac


I’ve been an electrician for almost 30 years and at Boston Children’s for three. My dad was an electrician, my brother was an electrician, my cousin is an electrician. … I guess you can say it runs in the family.

I’ve worked on Gillette Stadium, Fenway and Boston Garden — but this project is the most rewarding. It’s not just about the work, it’s about what the work does for families. After we redid the lobby, I’d see kids and their siblings come in and interact with the big screen and get so excited. That’s a big payoff.

Now we’re redoing the front entrance with all new outdoor lighting, new plantings and a new valet bubble. There will be a new connection between buildings so people aren’t exposed to the weather coming from the Emergency Department. Even a quick walk in the wintertime can be tough, especially if you’re pushing somebody.

There are a lot of people here behind the scenes that make this whole place work. I know everybody from the cleaning staff to the cafeteria workers to the people who run the place. Everybody cares. It’s been a good run here, it really has.


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