Poor economy link to child abuse?, parents may be incorrectly medicating their kids and can government mandated dodge ball stop obesity?

A new study may link the plummeting economy to a rise in baby shaking related injury.

Are you the parent of a chronically ill child who receives meds at home? Are you administering the doses correctly? Maybe not, says a study to be presented Monday at the Pediatric Academic Societies’ annual meeting in Vancouver, Canada.

Human growth hormone already has a bad rap in the world of sports, and it’s creating controversy in pediatrics as well. The New York Times ran a story on how HGH and how it’s being used to treat kids with genetic growth hormone deficiencies. More controversial however, there are some children who are being treated with HGH who are just naturally short.

 There’s a push by the New National Physical Activity Plan to bring back Phys Ed in schools, due to rising obesity rates. Physical education, which at one point was a mandated part of public school curriculum, has been cut in many school systems due to shrinking budgets.

Children’s Lois Lee, MD, MPH was quoted in CNN’s health blog, “Paging Dr. Gupta on a piece called When teens die, which focuses on a new CDC report that finds nearly half of all deaths among teens are accidental, and the majority of those deaths are from car accidents.

The debate over vaccination continues to gain momentum. A study presented at the recent Pediatric Academic Society meeting shows the numbers of parents who either put-off, or chose not to vaccinate, rose by over 10 percent from 2003 to 2008.