‘The best thing:’ A poem for Logan

Logan (center) with siblings, Jackson and Adalyn (PHOTOS COURTESY OF THE HATFIELD FAMILY)

Five-month-old Logan Michael Hatfield is the baby of the family and adored by his siblings, Jackson and Adalyn. Logan was born with a cleft lip and palate and is cared for by a team at Boston Children’s Hospital, including Drs. Carolyn Rogers-Vizena and Elizabeth Ross. “After Logan was born, we found out his name means “little warrior,” says his mom, Jenna. “He has certainly proven both of those adjectives to be true!” Here, Jenna writes a poem for Logan as she awaits his lip repair surgery.

 Here we sit in the quiet, in the middle of the night

 I’m cuddling, snuggling, holding you tight

 And I can’t help but think of the journey we’re on

 Of all of the bumps in a road that’s quite long

 The surgeries you’ll face and the pain you’ll endure

 And for what? Why’d this happen? Of that I’m not sure

 We’ve just barely started, there’s so much time left

 I think back to the day we first heard the word “cleft”

 It seems like just yesterday, but also so long

 Since we sat in that room and found out what was wrong

 There were tears, there was fear, there were feelings so mixed

 And all people said was, “oh that can be fixed”

 I worried so much about how you would feed

 And would I be everything that you would need?

 Would I see you the way I saw your sister and brother?

 Would I be all that you needed and more in a mother?

 And don’t get me wrong, I know there’s much worse

 But I grieved you, my last baby, not able to nurse

 Would we have the same bond? Would you love me as much?

 Would you feel just as safe in the hands of my touch?

 But with you here in my arms now, sleeping sound on my chest

 You’ve managed to put all my worries to rest

 You are everything I needed and more in a son

 And for that I am grateful, I feel like I’ve won

 You have taught me so much in such a short time

 And to put it quite simply, you’re the best thing that’s mine

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