From frustration to freedom: My journey with hemophilia A

Donovan Guerrero is thriving with hemophilia thanks to a clinical trial

I was diagnosed with hemophilia A at 4 days old. My parents had no idea what it was, but they discovered that my mom was a carrier. They brought me to the Boston Hemophilia Center. It helped them to learn about hemophilia together with other families going through the same thing.

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World Voice Day: Helping young people find their voice

Rowan, who was treated for a voice disorder, performs as the Beast on stage
Rowan performs in “Beauty and the Beast”

This World Voice Day, we share the stories of three young people who regained their voices thanks to the Voice and Velopharyngeal Dysfunction Program at Boston Children’s Hospital.

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Autism: Answers to common questions

April is Autism Awareness Month and you may have noticed there’s a lot in the news about autism. Several TV shows now feature lead characters with autism (Atypical, The Good Doctor and Big Bang Theory, among others). Even Sesame Street has a character, Julia, who has autism. More and more children — up to one out of 59 — are being diagnosed with autism. But what exactly is this condition, how does it affect children and what can you do to help?

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Nicholas stands tall with Prader-Willi syndrome

Nicholas, who had spinal fusion surgery, shakes hands with Dr. Glotzbecker while his parents watch.
Nicholas presents an award to his surgeon, Dr. Michael Glotzbecker. Nicholas wears headphones in public to protect himself from sensory overload. (Michael Goderre/Boston Children’s)

When he rose from his chair to shake his surgeon’s hand, 17-year-old Nicholas Peters stood 4 inches taller than he had just a few months before. “Thank you for making me feel better,” Nicholas said to Dr. Michael Glotzbecker, the surgeon from the Boston Children’s Hospital Spinal Program who had operated on his spine. With a little prompting from his parents, Nicholas added, “I can bend over to play with my jeep.”

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