Give your child’s heart a healthy start

Little girl making heart shape with hands

February is heart month — a great time to think about heart health. While we tend to think of heart disease as an adult problem, it can start in childhood — and the health habits of childhood have everything to do with heart health as an adult.

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Teens teach other teens healthy habits in Waltham

Teens from the Waltham Boys and Girls Club meet with John Riordan, director of community relations and partnerships and Jane Venti, senior director for Boston Children’s at Waltham

Learning how to eat healthier. Finding more time for physical activity. Coping with challenges and setbacks. These are all skills that teens need to learn … but from whom?

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A world of difference: Postsurgical pain relief for Will

Will poses with a Curious George doll after receiving pain relief for surgery

Will is a good-natured, active boy who loves riding his bike, playing with LEGOs and caring for his family’s two cats. So when he emerged from anesthesia following surgery to release a tethered spinal cord last August, it was clear he wasn’t feeling like himself. “He would be very combative and then very sleepy, explains Kathleen. “I just kept saying, ‘That’s not him.’” Kathleen and her husband, Eric, later learned that Will’s behavior was a consequence of the morphine he was being given to treat his postsurgical pain.

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It’s Heart Month: Give your baby’s heart a healthy start

February is American Heart Month. It’s a good time to make sure you’re doing all you can to keep your heart healthy. And if you’re expecting, what better time to start thinking about your baby’s heart health?

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