Our patients’ stories: Avery Toole's gift of life from Dalton Lawyer

Avery Toole was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS), one of the rarest and most devastating congenital heart defects. As a long-time nurse in Children’s Hospital Boston’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, her mother, Cheryl, knew Avery might one day need a heart transplant. What she didn’t know was the amazing relationship that she, her husband, Mike, and Avery would one day have with the family of the boy whose heart now beats in Avery’s chest. In honor of national Donate Life Month, this is their shared story.

Special thanks to KBTX for contributing to this story. To see more on the Toole/Lawyer connection, please visit their website as well.

One thought on “Our patients’ stories: Avery Toole's gift of life from Dalton Lawyer

  1. What an incredibly moving film that speaks to the generosity and kindness of the Lawyer family, who, confronted by tragedy, chose to share the gift of life with others.

    Fortunately, Avery has an opportunity to live a healthier, longer life because of this heroic donation.  However, there are approximately 113,000 others who remain in grave condition on the organ transplant waiting list. About 1/3 of them will die before a life-saving organ can be found and matched.

    I would ask that your web site place a link to Donate Life America and encourage everyone to register their end of life directive to be an organ and tissue donor in their respective states and make the decision to save lives. http://www.donatelife.net

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