Eye doctor finds another way to be a rock star

D  Hunter image 1
Happy to fix things, Hunter realigns a strike plate on a balcony door. (Photo: Constance West, MD)

From a series on caregivers at Boston Children’s Hospital

David G. Hunter, MD, PhD, dreamed of a career as a rock star. Instead, he became Boston Children’s Hospital’s ophthalmologist-in-chief and invented the Pediatric Vision Scanner. The device, designed for use by pediatricians, detects amblyopia or “lazy eye,” the leading cause of vision loss in children, as early as preschool age when the condition is highly correctable.

Because of its high degree of accuracy, the scanner was awarded the Sheikh El Zayed Pediatric Medical Device Innovation Award after it was presented at Children’s National Medical Center (October 24, 2014). The innovation is being developed by RebiScan, a company Hunter founded.

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