One EpiPen may not be enough

stockphotopro_639255auv_peanuts_A recent study by Children’s Hospital Boston found that children who suffer from severe food allergies should carry two EpiPens, because the dosage found in one may not be enough.

Susan Rudders, MD, of Children’s Division of Allergy and Immunology was first author on the study, which found that 12 percent of 1,200 children monitored who suffered anaphylactic shock as a result of a food allergy needed a second dose from an EpiPen to fully recover from their reaction.

Based on the findings, Rudders suggests that parents who keep EpiPens on hand for their food allergenic kids carry a second dose with them in case it’s needed during a severe reaction.

The study, done in conjunction with Massachusetts General Hospital, was published in the latest issue of Pediatrics. It was reported on by Booster Shots–the Los Angeles Times blog, The Boston Globe and WebMD health news.

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  1. Poor children. At such a young age they already have the allergies which makes things for them limited. Children should have freedom.

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