Nasuti family and Children's researcher featured in Globe article on food allergies

BrettdrinkingmilkBrett Nasuti, the 12-year-old Children’s patient who last year became the first person in the country to take part in a milk allergy desensitization study, is featured in a Boston Globe article today about the rise in food allergies – and why doctors and researchers are so flummoxed by it.

Children’s allergy specialist Dale Umetsu, MD, PhD, who is also featured, says of the food allergy epidemic, “The bottom line is we’re just not smart enough. We don’t fully understand what’s going on. It’s a confusing area.’’

Brett, his mother, Robyn, and the rest of the Nasuti family were featured last year in Thrive’s award-winning eight-part video series about the study that cured Brett of his severe milk allergy. View part one below and check out for the full series.

2 thoughts on “Nasuti family and Children's researcher featured in Globe article on food allergies

  1. Wow, thanks! Our son has dealt with food issues (intolerances and allergies) since he was baby and it definitely seemed as though NO ONE had any answers to help him. We tried all kinds of meds and creams for his eczema and nothing really worked and/or it posed health risks for him. Thankfully though we have had him taking Belly Boost children’s chewable probiotics for a year now because they have helped to clear his skin so much! I just hope researchers can demystify the cause and treatments for this!

  2. Your blogs, and those of your colleagues, are very helpful. We recently opened a hospital in Kabul that is trying to reduce the high mortality rates among children and mothers in Afghanistan. It’s amazing what some basic medical care can do in a nation as impoverished as this. Thanks for the blogs.

    Here’s more about us.

    Again, thanks

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